Chicago, Elk Grove Village and Joliet, IL Video Surveillance

Posted on: February 19th, 2016

Video surveillance is a key part of building security

Video surveillance acts as a deterrent against wrongdoing and as such provides greater security for people involved in your business and helps to protect your valuable assets. If you need building security in Tinley Park IL, Schaumburg IL, Oakbrook IL, Naperville IL, Chicago, Pleasant Prairie WI, Racine WI or Rockford IL, then CPS (Computer Power Systems can help. They offers a wide range of building security solutions including video surveillance and door access control.

We live in a dangerous and unpredictable world in which building security should be considered an essential rather than a luxury. Video surveillance can effectively monitor important areas of your business. This could be your entrance, you shopping areas, high risk areas and sensitive areas. You can also keep an eye on your business from a remote location. So whether you want to prevent shoplifting, increase worker safety, reduce exaggerated liability claims or improve overall productivity, video surveillance will do that.

There are many types of video surveillance systems and there is a solution that is right for your business. Whether you need indoor cameras, outdoor CCTV cameras, wireless solutions, hard wired systems, high definition video recordings or remote monitoring, the experts at CPS will supply and install the best video surveillance solution to match your requirements.

Video surveillance is an important component of overall building security. Another important component is door access control. Effective access control will prevent unauthorised entry and thereby enhance and improve your business security. Door access control systems can make use of keypad systems, proximity cards and even biometric access options.

With door access control you can restrict access to any area in your building or facility, from your main entrance to highly sensitive areas such as laboratories and computer rooms. Access control can also work with time, restricting or allowing access at specific times and can also provide time and attendance information. Automated door access control systems can automatically lock and unlock doors and can even be programmed to do so at specific times.







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