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Carpentersville, Illinois Access Control Solutions

Elgin Access ControlCPS if you only logical choice for Carpentersville, IL access control systems, and we can say that with certainty because of the level of experience that we bring to the table. We were founded in this area back in 1982 because our owner recognized the growing need for technological solutions, and we have been building our business on our forward thinking expertise ever since then. Our company has been fortunate enough to help many companies in this area grow along with us, and this has been a very gratifying experience. Without question, this village provides its residents with a very high quality of life. You have the unmistakable small-town intimacy, charm and safety, but you have one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country less than an hour away. Wherever you may need us in town, from the Huntley Road/Boyer Road area east to the South Kennedy Drive/Ball Avenue neighborhood, we will always be standing at the ready to provide top-quality, state-of-the-art access control solutions.

Monitoring Points of Entry

Every business owner should know exactly who is coming and going, and there was a time when this was a bit difficult to accomplish. Things have changed as technology has impacted every workplace process. At this juncture, access control systems are the norm for just about every business. These systems will certainly allow authorized personnel to enter and exit through approved points of entry, but there is much more to the Carpentersville, IL access control equation. Access can be limited to certain time windows, and different personnel can have varying levels of access. Modern access control systems can also track and record activity and you can run reports to know exactly when any individual has entered or exited your facility. These systems can be automated, and time and attendance can be recorded as well.

There are a number of different access control systems that Carpentersville, IL businesses can choose from. Proximity card readers are widely utilized, and these systems are efficient and cost-effective. All of the features that we described above are available, and you can also issue color-coded cards so that the clearance level of holders can be acknowledged visually. Numeric keypads are another option, and many companies that are looking for the highest levels of security are now opting for biometric access control systems. 

Secure Your Facility!

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