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Posted on: September 25th, 2016

5 major benefits of using structured cabling systems

Our world every year gets more connected via technological advancements. Businesses at all times are in search for the finest solutions when it comes to their telecommunications systems, that require being effective and at the same time needs minimal maintenance. It is here where structured cabling systems can help and who better can offer you such cabling solutions than 4 CPS. With the help of our superior quality structured cables all your communication needs will be met efficiently, which includes video surveillance, telephone networks and so on. The areas that we serve include in and around Aurora, IL, Oak Lawn, IL, Madison, IL, Milwaukee WI, Schaumburg IL and St Charles IL.

Discover the top 5 benefits of using structured cables

  • Simple to manage- When changes require being made in these systems, it can be carried out in a more efficient and faster way and with minimal disruption
  • Avail a higher ROI- it will help in unifying your IT network with regards to video, voice and data. This unified structure will cut down the requirement for updates and thereby lower the cost of maintenance. Further, any changes, moves or additions can be done with ease within the system which will save the organization both money and time
  • Be prepared for expansion- these cabling systems offer a high bandwidth which indicates that it will be capable of supporting future applications that a company may wish to add like video conferencing or multimedia to their present system with little interruption.
  • More flexibility- Multiple wiring systems truly can turn into a headache. Structured cables will help in consolidating the wiring system into one single infrastructure which can help in transferring data in different formats. It is this flexibility that can help in making the system hassle free to dismantle as well as shift to another location if required
  • More aesthetically pleasing- aesthetics indeed matter a lot. Structured cables will work wonders in creating a less cluttered and cleaner look compared to a cabling system that us point-to-point. The perks of using these cables cannot be overlooked when looking for an ideal telecommunications network for the company.

If you want to reap the benefits of these cables for the smooth functioning of your business, then give us a call right away.

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