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Access Control RockfordNot only is Rockford the third largest city in the state of Illinois, but the Rockford Metro area is home to roughly 350,000 residents. Settled in 1835, Rockford, IL remained a sleepy country village for about 10 years before experiencing rapid growth. When the Galena and Chicago Union Railroad reached the city, business in Rockford boomed, and it became one of the Midwest’s major manufacturing centers. While manufacturing still remains an important part of the city’s wealth, Rockford is now also home to great shops, excellent restaurants, and an array of cultural institutions. At CPS, we are proud to be a part of helping Rockford businesses grow, providing them with the services they need today and technology for tomorrow.

One of the ways CPS prepares Rockford businesses for success is through our complete complement of commercial access control products. Today’s door access control technology is more than just a sophisticated locking system that safeguards the points of entry to your business. Our access control systems can offer an array of benefits that secure your facility, maximize your security and provide an excellent return on investment by integrating with other technologies. Best of all, our commercial access control systems are scalable, which means we can provide efficient and budget-conscious solutions whatever the size and scope of your business. So whether you own a specialty boutique at Shop Downtown a hotel on State Street or an office building on Alpine Road, CPS is at your service!

Rockford is home to a variety of museums, like the Burpee Museum of Natural History, Discovery Center Museum, Rockford Art Museum, and many others. In addition, the area boasts great medical facilities like SwedishAmerican Health System and OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center. So, what do these places have in common? Door access control security is an integral part of protecting their facilities. If your business needs to restrict access to certain areas, CPS has your solution. Our commercial access control products provide you with the ability to restrict access to specific areas at specified times, as well as automatically lock and unlock gates and doors at the times you choose. If you need to readily identify key staff, visitors, volunteers, or outside contractors, we can outfit you with color-coded badges that offer varying levels of access to your facility. In addition, our access control systems can be integrating with your other technologies, including: surveillance equipment, your heating and air conditioning system and even your time and attendance recording, providing you with the most accurate system for determining payroll.

With over 3 decades of experience working with Rockford business, just like yours, no one is better equipped to meet your door access control needs and exceed your expectations. We will work with you to help determine which technologies work best for your particular needs, providing you with everything from system design and installation to service and maintenance. Contact us today, and let CPS outfit your Rockford business with technology for tomorrow. We look forward to working with you.

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