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McHenry Access ControlWith the Metra Union Pacific/Northeast Line passing through McHenry and the Richmond Road corridor being a major shopping hub for North Illinois and South Wisconsin, it may be easy to feel that your business is on a straight path toward success. The important thing that many business owners forget is that while things are at their best, make sure to prepare for the worst. That’s precisely why investing in an access control system is so important. If you’re prepared for theft, loss, and other problems that businesses can face at any time, they may not even happen at all. To help businesses prepare for these possibilities Computer Power Systems, for over thirty years, has helped companies install the best door access control systems to suit their needs.

A quality commercial access control for your office and building security will aid your business by doing more than just keeping people from entering restricted areas just as the state protects unauthorized access and activity to Moraine Hills State Park and Volo Bog State Natural Area. They will also log who enters and exits, and at what times. This will make investigations and concerning audits run more smoothly and with less cost than without this invaluable documentation. Additionally access control systems can not only restrict who enters and exits certain areas, but can also restrict when entrances and exits occur. Many electronic systems are able to be put on an automatic timer that locks the building down to prevent unauthorized access and times where your building may accidentally remain unlocked overnight.

What quality door access control is most useful for is augmenting a trained security force. By allowing a new system to be used as a tool, there is less need for several security guards per shift as the system itself can prevent unauthorized entry while your security team can enforce these restrictions.

The Access Control System For Your Company

There are a variety of commercial access control systems available and determining which level of security, and which type of security, best suits your needs is absolutely paramount to the continuing growth of your business. CPS offers everything from the extraordinarily high tech solutions for particularly sensitive information to the more modest and common solutions perfect for sealing off areas needing slightly elevated security.

Coded Locks

Coded locks are truly security at the touch of a button. They’re simple to install, simple to program, and quick to reprogram if the situation calls for it. With variable code lengths and ten numbers to choose from, the possibilities for codes are potentially endless. They have the added benefit of not requiring any additional equipment, preventing cards being stolen, lost, damaged, or simply forgotten.


With other systems you are able to have a reasonable amount of certainty regarding who is able to access specific areas. With biometric scans the only way to have any more certainty is with a DNA test. Biometric locks utilize a person’s individual features to ensure that who is at your door is who they claim to be.

Key Fobs/Keycards

Key fobs and keycards are simple to implement and don’t run the risk of someone seeing your lock code, as it’s embedded in your card or key fob. They’re quick and easy to customize, allowing for different cards to work in different parts of your building with just a click of a button. They also have the added benefit of being color-coded or otherwise being a visual representation of each individual’s security clearance.

About CPS

CPS has been providing quality door access controls for over thirty years and providing customers with their backgrounds in computing, data transmission, and even the U.S. Air Force to implement the best security measures available.

We are located in Grayslake, approximately 40 miles from Chicago and can be reached at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1699. We hope to serve your company’s access control system needs.

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