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Madison Access Control

Madison may have one of the highest percentages of PhDs. in the country, but you don’t have to have one to know exactly why your business could benefit from commercial access control for your office and building security. Simply having that peace-of-mind about your business can mirror your tranquil feelings of the nearly crime-free city of Madison and will have a large amount of benefits for your business. Computer Power Systems delivers quality door access control systems that can help improve your security and take some of the stress out of owning a business.

With Madison’s low unemployment rate of 3.5%, it’s likely that your business has quite a few employees, all of which have different access to different areas of your building. To avoid any mix-ups or unauthorized access is incredibly important to any business that wants to assure their clients, customers, partners, and vendors that they are able to keep their sensitive information safe. Not only that, but access control systems are able to speed up the process behind loss or theft investigations as well as concerning business audits by recording who enters or leaves specific areas, and at what time. Having this urgency and time management system in place will give you and your employees more time to enjoy the sights and sounds of Madison, including the Madison Symphony Orchestra and the dozens of public art displays throughout Madison.

Using door access controls to augment your superior security team is paramount to your needs. While security personnel are able to patrol and monitor events in the area, they can’t be everywhere at once. On the other hand, with commercial access controls, they don’t have to be. This gives you the ability to mobilize your security team in more effective ways and further enforce any restricted access to particular areas.

Access Control Systems in Many Forms

There are multiple options to choose from for the security of your business. Every system has distinct advantages and disadvantages, meaning that no one solution is right for every business. Not every business will require the same high level of security that one of Madison’s many prevalent biotech businesses may need and many businesses may want a slightly more complex level of security for one reason for another. For the most part, every system works well indoors and out while protecting not only against unauthorized entry, but are vandal-proof as well.

Coded Locks

Coded locks are likely the easiest locks to fully implement, requiring the entry of a code to get started and adding or subtracting individual codes as time dictates. With a variable length of codes and at least ten buttons per keypad it is nearly impossible to simply guess a code. Additionally, there is the benefit of not having to use additional equipment that could be lost, damaged, stolen, or forgotten, for access.


If your business requires an extremely large amount of security or control for particularly sensitive information, then biometric door access controls may be the way to go. Utilizing the actually identifying information from the people that you want accessing your restricted areas as a key, there aren’t many better ways to confirm that a person is allowed into an area short of you escorting them through the door yourself.

Key Fobs and Keycards

Key fobs and keycards are nearly as easy to implement and configure as coded locks and comes with speed and efficiency that biometric and coded access control systems simply can’t match. By attaching one card to several different locks, you can easily set one person access to many areas all at once, as well as creating a visual representation of their security access on their keycards so that others know exactly where that person is allowed to be.

About CPS

We have been providing door access control solutions to Madison, WI for nearly thirty years. Our expertise, knowledge, and techniques have been honed by each of our staff members’ multiple decades in different areas of the fields of technology, data transmission, and security.

We are located in Grayslake, approximately 40 miles from Chicago and can be reached at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1699. We hope to serve your company’s access control system needs.

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