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Kenosha Access ControlAlthough Kenosha is opened up by having 780 acres of municipal parks, being along eight miles of Lake Michigan’s coastline, and the freedom of I-94, businesses shouldn’t strive to be as open as the city is. As one of the top fifty high tech economies in the nation, it is difficult to debate that having a high-end, quality access control system for your business is not simply inconsequential. Being able to boast the most security for not only your sensitive information, but the information of your clients, partners, vendors, and customers can help your business grow, even in a standout economy like Kenosha. This type of customer security is why the magazine Money has called Kenosha one of the best places to live. Computer Power Systems has helped many businesses in Northern Illinois as well as Southern Wisconsin protect any valuable information that they have from theft or loss by installing commercial access control for their offices and building security.

Having exceptional door access control is not only a means to prevent theft and unauthorized access to restricted areas. Monitoring the access times of specific individuals can also provide you with security in instances of investigations into misconduct, theft, or misplacement of important documents or during unfortunate concerning audits. Monitoring your establishment with door access controls also allows you and your employees the freedom to come and go without worry that your doors are unlocked overnight as many systems can be automated to lock and unlock during specific times, or simply stay locked, allowing only access by your employees and invited guests.

The most effective use of access control systems is when used in tandem with a trusted security team. While automated security systems are busy keeping restricted areas locked down, security personnel can monitor the premises more effectively and can be positioned in less secure areas.

Security in Many Forms

There are many forms of access control that your business has to choose from when determining which the correct one for you is. Whether your business requires a high-end solution or more modest security, there are ways to ensure that your business is secured in a way that is safe, but not overly restrictive.

Coded Locks

With a variable code length and keypads with at least 10 keys, it is difficult, if not impossible, to gain access to your sensitive areas without simply having a code. These coded solutions are easy to set, easy to reset, and quick to implement over a large scale for multiple employees. Not only that, but your employees don’t have to worry about having to bring additional equipment with them to gain access.


If you’re concerned with who exactly may have keycards or codes to your restricted areas, or if your business just requires significantly more security, then you’ll enjoy the security that biometric access control systems provide. With these solutions in place, every individual acts as their own key. Monitoring unique physical attributes like fingerprints and retinal scans can ensure that your most sensitive information is only being accessed by those who should be accessing it.

Key Fobs and Keycards

Key fobs and keycards are simple and versatile methods of door access control. Without the tedious inputting of codes or analysis of biometric scanning, key fobs and keycards can be used at multiple terminals and be assigned and reassigned with a click of a button. Additionally, keycards can be made to look different to indicate specific levels of security clearance for each individual.

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