Access Control in DeKalb, IL

Kenosha Access ControlAre you looking for affordable commercial access control for your DeKalb, IL business? Look no further than CPS! Whether you operate a shop on Lincoln Highway, a manufacturing plant on Harvester Drive, or a medical office near Kishwaukee Hospital, we can match you with access control systems that meet your needs and fit your budget.  With more than 3 decades in business, we understand the unique benefits and challenges of operating in a college town, and our experienced and dedicated staff will work with you to evaluate your DeKalb facility, providing you with the protection you want and the peace of mind you deserve.

Door access control systems are an easy-to-use, cost-effective way to enhance your security and protect your DeKalb business. Do you want to limit access to your facility during off-hours, restrict key business areas to authorized personnel only, or keep track of who is coming and going? We can help! At CPS, we are experts in commercial access control, and we can assist you in select a system that meet your needs today, while remaining flexible enough to grow with your DeKalb business in the future. Not only are today’s systems more affordable than ever before, but they offer a variety of value added benefits. In fact, our access control systems can be integrated with your other technologies, including your surveillance system and employee time clock. This allows you to keep more accurate payroll records and eliminate falsification of hours. In addition, our systems can sync with your thermostat, properly adjusting the building’s temperature when the first employee clocks in for the day or when the last person leaves for the night. We know you want the best for your DeKalb business, and CPS can provide you with exactly that!

For a small town, DeKalb sees a lot of activity! From Northern Illinois University to the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport, lots of people travel through town on a daily basis. Facilities like these also have specialized security needs.They need to remain accessible to those they they serve, while also providing protection from unauthorized individuals. At CPS, we understand how to meet the unique door access control needs of educational facilities, airports and other high security industries. Our knowledgable staff will identify potential security concerns and design a system that combines convenience with security. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that your DeKalb business, employees, and patrons are protected. Most importantly, we stand behind our technology with exceptional customer service. If you need to make changes to your facility layout or experience an issue, you can be assured that help is always just a phone call away. From 4th Street to Peace Road, Prairie Park to Buena Vista Golf Course, and everywhere in between, wherever your DeKalb business is located, CPS is trusted choice in effective, affordable access control systems. Contact us today to learn more, and see for yourself why so many DeKalb, IL businesses depend on us for all of their commercial access control needs.