Access Control in Calumet City, IL

Kenosha Access ControlOur company, CPS, provides door access control systems for Calumet City, Illinois businesses and homeowners. When you are running a business, it is important to make sure that the right people can get in and out of sensitive areas efficiently and effectively. On the other side of this coin, you have to keep unauthorized individuals out. Our company has been built on our motto: “Technology for Tomorrow.” This concept has served us well, because we have been providing effective solutions for our Calumet City, IL door access control customers since 1982. Over the years, we have always had our eyes fixed upon the horizon, and we have stayed on the cutting edge as technology has advanced.

At the present time, there are numerous different highly effective door access control systems that Calumet City, IL businesses can choose from. Proximity readers are among them, and they are very popular for a number of different reasons. A proximity reader is activated through the presentation of a card that is exposed to a reading device. These systems are quite cost efficient, because the cards are never actually being inserted or swiped against anything, so there is no wear and tear. Plus, proximity readers are relatively inexpensive, and it is easy to issue new cards or deactivate a card when the holder no longer requires access. We should also point out the fact that there are automobile tag proximity readers on the market today that can be used to regulate access to secured parking lots.

In addition to the proximity reader option, there are more basic solutions like stand-alone locks, key switches, and keypads. For those who are looking for the ultimate in Calumet City, Illinois door access control security, we also offer biometric systems. Biometric access control systems use physical characteristics to identify authorized personnel. Fingerprints, handprints, and even retina scans can be utilized to provide the highest level of control and security.

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As you can see, there are many possibilities out there for business people and homeowners who are interested in access control. Since each case is entirely unique, we place an emphasis on personalized attention. When you work with CPS to satisfy your access control needs, we will gain an understanding of your objectives, explain your options to you, and effectively implement the plan that you decide on.

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