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Gurnee Access ControlGurnee has been, since its founding in 1928, a carefully balanced town, allowing for 30% of it to be businesses, industrial or commercial, and your business is one of a large number, especially in the 200-store Gurnee Mills Mall. When you consider the balance in the town, it is important to also consider the importance of balancing your security measures between the human and the electronic. Adding an extra layer of constant security by implementing access control systems can give you a sense of comfort in knowing that your livelihood is safe and secure. Businesses throughout Gurnee, such as Six Flags Great America and Keyline Cove Hotel and Water Park has implemented several commercial access controls for their office and building security. This not only protects your business but also allows your 31,000 potential customers to feel at ease using your company.

Having top-notch electronic security mixed with trusted security personnel is always a necessary feature for any growing business. By utilizing the varied features offered by different access control systems you are able to have a running document that records who enters and leaves restricted areas. This will make any future investigations and audits significantly easier. You will be able to deter theft by only allowing certain employees into specific areas of your choosing. Also, by combining a quality security system with great security personnel you can have comfort in knowing that the boundaries are not only well-defined, but enforced if necessary.

Security Options for Your Business

Access control systems come in many different styles to fit your specific business needs. There are high-end technological solutions for extremely sensitive information or large businesses and basic security measures for small to mid sized businesses. Many control systems work well regardless of whether they are inside or outside and several of these security solutions are vandal-proof as well.

Coded Locks

Coded door locks are simple and versatile pieces of equipment that allow for quick reconfiguration if your business needs it. Many models can utilize several codes, allowing you to know when your employees enter and exit a specific area. One of the biggest advantages of a coded lock is that there are no additional accessories that could easily be damaged, lost, stolen or forgotten.


Biometric access control systems are one of the more technologically advanced pieces of security equipment on the market. They identify specific users based on qualities unique to them specifically such as retinal or fingerprint scans. Nearly impossible to fool, these are the systems you want protecting your most private, sensitive information.

Key Fobs and Keycards

Key fobs and keycards allow your trusted employees quick access to information without having to remember a combination or wait for a scanner to confirm their identity. With many systems there’s no longer even a swipe, you simply hold your card in front of a pad and you’re in. Additionally the keycards can be color-coded or have many other indications of their clearance and where they are allowed in the facility.

About CPS

For over thirty years CPS has been serving the Gurnee area with quality and up to date access control systems to keep loss prevention and costly mistakes to a minimum, allowing smaller businesses to thrive and larger businesses to continue forward.

We are located in Grayslake, approximately 40 miles from Chicago and can be reached at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1699. We hope to serve your company’s access control system needs.

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