Access Control for Barrington, IL

Door Access Control for Barrington, IL Businesses

Elgin Access ControlYou have options when it comes to door access control for your Barrington, Illinois business, and you should explore them all thoroughly. Our company, CPS, can and will help you make informed choices. We have been providing door access control solutions for residents of Barrington, IL since 1982, so we have a great deal of experience and expertise. Since we have been in business for such a long period of time, we have developed relationships with our suppliers, so we can get great prices that we pass along to our clients. Plus, our technicians are experienced professionals who take what they do very seriously. We endeavor to exceed the expectations of our customers, and our longevity says a lot about our customer satisfaction rate.

One very popular form of door access control that many Barrington, Illinois businesses are using is the proximity card reader, and the name is largely self explanatory. With a proximity card reader, you issue a card to an employee who needs access to a certain area. A reader is installed, and it controls a lock on the door. The cardholder simply holds the card next to the reader to gain access. These cards are inexpensive, and they are durable, because they never come in direct contact with any moving parts. Plus, it is easy to deactivate a proximity card, so you always maintain complete control of the security of your building.

For people who are looking for a higher level of security, biometric door access control systems can be the right choice. With a biometric system, access is granted through the presentation of a particular physical characteristic, like a fingerprint or handprint. In fact, there are even biometric door access control systems that are triggered through the recognition of the retina.

Regardless of the scope of your security needs, for door access control Barrington, IL businesses can rely on CPS. We know that each situation is unique from every other, so we place an emphasis on personalized attention. After we gain an understanding of your needs, we will make the appropriate recommendations. Ultimately, we will install the door access control system that is right for you and your business.

If you are ready to get started, you can reach one of our Barrington, Illinois door access control specialists right now at 847-548-1600, and our toll free number is 800-762-7672.