Access Control and Building Security in Elk Grove Village

Access Control Elk Grove VillageJust as the Ned Brown Forest Preserve, or Busse Woods, protects 3,700 acres of valuable assets in the form of forest and wetlands, you want to protect your valuable assets like your sensitive information. Across the globe, business owners, large and small, have aided their businesses with the help of electronic door access control systems. Many of Elk Grove Village’s top employers, such as Citigroup, Steiner, and RR Donnelly have adapted their business using access control technology solutions. Computer Power Systems can provide you the comfort of knowing that your business is absolutely safe, whether or not you are physical there to see it. We have been faithfully serving the businesses of Elk Grove Village thereby helping them deal with the constant influx of people commuting through the nearby Chicago O’Hare Airport. Because, like the bikers that train year-round for the Alexian Brothers Tour of Elk Grove, you want to be well prepared for any situation.

With quality commercial access control for your office and building security you can be sure to keep your business secure by only allowing trusted employees into areas that may contain sensitive documents relating to your business, your clients, customers, or partners. With several systems, you can also tell who goes in and out of each area, and at what time. This helps with investigations, deters theft, and allows for documented trails in case of audits. The other distinct advantage of modern access control systems is the fact that reproducing the necessary credentials to enter off-limits areas is nearly impossible as opposed to simply using keys and basic mechanical locks.

You can also save money and man-hours, freeing up your ability to provide promotions and advertisement for the tourists and bikers partaking in the annual Alexian Brothers Tour. By adding door access controls to your building or offices you can eliminate much of the overhead by paying security personnel who may mistakenly allow someone in, not allow someone else access, or may have to leave their post for one reason or another. Access control systems will be sure to let the right people in, keep the wrong people out, and provide reliable information 24/7.

Security Options for Elk Grove Village

When you’re deciding how to secure your business, it’s good to have options. Luckily, CPS can give you options that will best fit your business’ needs. From high-end technologies for large businesses or particularly sensitive information to more modest security measures, we can help you determine what your specific needs as a company are. Many of the systems are great for indoor and outdoor use and provide security against intruders and vandals alike.

Coded Locks

Coded locks provide all the security of a high-tech magnetic lock access control system without the fuss of having to bring around additional keys that may easily be lost, stolen, damaged, or forgotten. Many of these systems allow for several codes to open the same door, allowing you to know who has gone in and out and at what time.


Biometric door access controls are truly the technology of the future today. They utilize a person’s individual features to determine who they are and, more importantly, if they should have access to where they are going.

Key Fobs and Keycards:

Key fobs and keycards are easy to transport, quick to implement, and allow you to quickly change access parameters at any time to any individual. They can not only provide an electronic marker for an individual entering or exiting an area, but also can provide a visual representation of the person’s security clearance.

About Computer Power Systems

CPS has had the privilege of serving the Elk Grove Village area for over thirty years with the best in security and networking solutions. Our team has unmatched experience in several different fields and applications allowing us to serve your needs with intelligence and integrity.

We are located in Grayslake, approximately 40 miles from Chicago and can be reached at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1699. We hope to serve your company’s access control system needs.

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