Door Access Control in Elgin, IL

Elgin Access ControlThe city of Elgin may only have 110,000 people, but will have significantly more before long, as the city is growing at a rapid rate. Much of this growth is due to the beautiful Victorian era architecture that dots the landscape, its proximity to the Fox River, and its status as a hub for Laotians coming to America. With many people coming to the city from the three stops Elgin has along the Metra Milwaukee District/West Line it’s becoming increasingly important for business owners to know exactly who is coming into their business. With Computer Power Systems’ door access control solutions you can feel safe in knowing that your business is secure using commercial access control for offices and building security.

The city of Elgin has allowed us to serve their needs for over thirty years because of our wholehearted commitment to client-centered care and expertise in diverse security and data fields. CPS has been a part of installing access control systems throughout Elgin.

There are many distinct advantages to installing door access control systems throughout your business, even beyond the protection of the sensitive information of you or your clients, key areas, or the premises as a whole. Not only are you able to ensure the security of the places you need secured, you are able to, with many types of systems, record and track who is entering or exiting various places in your building. Your building can also be locked down automatically after business hours so that the security of your building isn’t compromised by simple human error.

Also, with automated door access control you will be able to save a significant amount of money on security personnel who may or may not remember or note every person who has access to, or came in and out of, specific areas of your business. With automated systems, you never have to worry about inaccuracy, lunch breaks, or finding coverage for sick days. With proper security measures in place, your business is always covered.

Many Security Advantages

Every business is different and every business has a vast amount of choices when it comes to the security that they want or need for their company. Whether your company needs high-end technology or more modest measures of security, CPS can help you install proven security measures that work both inside and outside of buildings.

Coded Locks

Coded locks are simple and elegant pieces of technology that are self-sustaining, easy to implement, easy to change, and don’t rely on items that can be lost, damaged, forgotten, or stolen. They can be quickly programmed and reprogrammed without a problem and many of them can save multiple codes so that you can still keep track of who comes and goes.


Biometric scanners utilize the person themselves as the key. By utilizing cutting edge technology they are able to pick up on subtle, identifiable traits unique to the individual users. These systems, although more costly, are incredibly secure, simple to program, and nearly impossible to fool.

Key Fobs and Keycards:

Key fobs and keycards are some of the quickest ways for your trusted employees to move throughout your building and in a fast-paced business world, that can be invaluable. There are multiple ways that these systems can be implemented, both touch and touchless, but both have the ability to read a vast array of specific cards so that your employees can have different levels of access for different keys. These keys can also come with a physical identifying marker, such as a color, for security personnel to verify as well.

About Computer Power Systems

Computer Power Systems has been serving Elgin for over thirty years with the best in security and networking solutions. Our team has unmatched experience in several different fields and applications allowing us to serve your needs with intelligence and integrity.

We are located in Grayslake, approximately 40 miles from Chicago and can be reached at (800)762-7672 or (847)528-1699. We hope to serve your company’s access control system needs.

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