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Arlington Heights Access ControlAs a business owner, security is a major concern. There are many thriving businesses in Arlington Heights, IL, and most of them consider that security systems are a top priority for smooth business operations. Located near Illinois Route 53, about 25 miles away from Chicago, Arlington Heights is a charming small town with a distinctive presence in the area. The village, as it’s called, offers its over 75,000 residents numerous opportunities for business.

Whether you conduct your business in Plaza Office Park, Central Business District or downtown Arlington Heights, installing the latest access control system is a necessity — allowing you to control who gets in and out of your business premises, giving you the peace of mind that your assets are protected. Hiring security guards to ensure protection is useful, but it might not be the most efficient and cost-effective option, especially if you run a small business. On the other hand, once installed, access control systems will help you reduce or eliminate the need to hire security personnel. The advanced access control systems now available will help you prevent trespassing and unauthorized entry. Access control systems are a worthwhile investment you can’t do without these days. There are many types of access control systems, each serving a specific purpose. If you’re looking for door access control in Arlington Heights, IL, here are some options recommended by CPS experts.

Install a Card Reader for Your Employees

Card readers have become a common access control system for businesses of all sizes. That’s because they’re easy to use and effective. These smart cards contain an integrated circuit where information is stored. Only authorized people can read, change or delete information, which makes it safer than a key.

Install Keyless Locks

Unlike locks, which use keys, keyless locks are accessed with the help of a code, which excludes key replication and breaking locks. Only authorized personnel who know the code can get in and out. However, keyless locks use electric power, and in case of blackout, you need to have a plan B, such as an alternative exit. You can also use a power generator as a backup to allow people to leave the premises if there’s an unexpected power failure.

Install Automated Gates

You can also increase the security of your business facility by using automated gates, which are electronically controlled. Manually operated gates are easier to break in than electronic gates.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Advanced technologies now allow companies and institutions to control access by reading a person’s fingerprints. Although they are costly, they are highly effective, and will probably gain increasing popularity in the near future.

By using an integrated access control system solution, which is specially designed to suit your particular needs, you can rest assured that your business is protected. If you’re looking for commercial access control in Arlington Heights, IL, for office and building security, choose a reputable supplier who can offer you the latest technologies in the field, and is licensed to install them.

CPS provides hi-tech security solutions, including access control, video surveillance, and structured cabling. We have been serving Northern Illinois, as well as Southern Wisconsin for over 30 years. We also have a nationwide network of trustworthy partners who offer our products throughout the country. In Arlington, IL, we have designed and implemented access control solutions for numerous companies. Locations include Central Business District, Arlington Park and Arlington Executive Plaza, among many others.

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